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Dl750/dl750p scopecorder
  • Designed for electro-mechanical systems,
  • the ScopeCorder delivers higher vertical resolution
  • channel count, isolation, filtering, and abundant acquisition memory.
  • As a diagnostic tool, the ScopeCorder offers all the anal
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Innovative Solutions for Long-Term Recording

GIGAZoom Function for Instantaneous Full-Length Display of 1 GW of Data

1 Giga memory for full-length display and instantaneous zooming (to user-specified length)

Tm Dl750 04 2

Amount of time data can be recorded with 1 GW memory.

Amount of time data can be recorded with 1 GW memory.

DualCapture: A Powerful Tool for Durability Test Data Analysis

Simultaneous High-Speed and Low-Speed Recording Using DualCapture

During durability testing, it is necessary to monitor the long-term trends of your data as well as capture the high speed transients that might occur. This presents a challenge as trend data is usually recorded at a slower sampling speed that might miss the transient phenomena. To meet this challenge, the DL750 offers the DualCapture function.

DualCaptureIco Flash2

Using DualCapture, you can now record your trend data with a slow sampling speed and still be able to capture the transient phenomena with a faster sampling speed.

  • Integration of a High-Speed sampler (Oscilloscope) and Low-Speed sampler (Recorder) in a Single Unit
    High-speed sampler: Trigger on abnormal high-speed phenomena
    Low-speed in a sampler: Roll recording (trend recording)
  • Separate Memory Management for Each sampler
    Maximum memory for low-speed: 100 MW
    Maximum memory for high-speed: 10 kW * 100 screens

  • High-Speed Sampling Triggered Only by Abnormal Events Occurring during Long-Term Observation (Low-Speed Sampling)
    Effective for separately capturing data at high speed
  • Long Memory Equivalent to 1 Teraword (1012)
    To acquire many hours of data at the higher sampling rate (10 MS/s) would require Teraword of memory:
    (8 hr to 24 hr) × 60 min × 60 sec × 10 MS/s × 16 channels = 4.6 to 138 TW

Tm Dl750 06
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  Dl750/dl750p scopecorder Aq1300 mft-10gbe 10 gigabit ethernet handheld tester
  • Designed for electro-mechanical systems.
  • As a diagnostic tool.
  •  10G Ethernet networks.
  • The integrated functions, auto test mode
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