products Oscilloscopes
Digital and mixed signal oscilloscopes
Dlm6000 mso & dso series
  • During continuous measurement : Up to 25,000 times per second per channel
  • In N Single mode : Up to 2.5 million times per second per channel
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Dl9000 dso series
  • DL9000 models are available with 2.5 M points
  • waveform memory on each of four channels and with an "L" version containing 6.25 M points on each channel. In accumulate mode, the DL9000 overlays up to 2000 acquisitions
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Dlm2000 mso series
  • The DLM2000 is a bench-top oscilloscope for electronic design or debug. 
  • It's ergonomic and easy to use, and packed with features.
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Dl7440/dl7480 digital oscilloscopes
  •     Maximum 16 MW recording memory
  •     USB compliant
  •     Ethernet connectivity (optional)
  •     User-defined math (optional)
  •     2 GS/s maximum speed
  •     500 MHz analog bandwidth
  •     Supports 250 MHz logic probe
  •     PC card interface (Type II)
  •     Power supply analysis function (optional)
  •     Serial bus analysis function (optional)
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Scopecorders & oscillographic recorders
Dl750/dl750p scopecorder
  • Designed for electro-mechanical systems,
  • the ScopeCorder delivers higher vertical resolution
  • channel count, isolation, filtering, and abundant acquisition memory.
  • As a diagnostic tool, the ScopeCorder offers all the anal
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Sl1400 scopecorder lite
  • High sample rate: 10 MS/s
  • Data record Period: 100 µs to 30 days
  • A perfect fit for manufacturing and maintenance departments
  • Intuitive key names and menus for easy operation
  • Easily store data both on paper and in external memory media
  • Record data to USB or PC card devices or directly to the optional HDD
  • Up to 16 analog +16 logic inputs
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Serial bus analyzers
Sb5000 vehicle serial bus analyzer
  • FlexRay, CAN, LIN, UART, I²C, and SPI bus triggers and analysis
  • FlexRay eye-diagram analysis
  • FlexRay SI Voting Procedures Analysis ** New
  • Characterizes electrical characteristics parameters of the FlexRay bus driver
  • CAN/FlexRay* bus symbolic triggering, analysis, decoding, and trend display (Supports DBC database for CAN, FIBEX database for FlexRay)
  • 4 ch analog + 8-bit logic (SB5310)
  • 4 ch analog + 32-bit logic (SB5710)
  • Up to 5 GS/s, 1 GHz bandwidth, 6.25 MW (Mpts) memory
  • Auto Setup Dedicated to Serial Busses
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  Dl750/dl750p scopecorder Aq1300 mft-10gbe 10 gigabit ethernet handheld tester
  • Designed for electro-mechanical systems.
  • As a diagnostic tool.
  •  10G Ethernet networks.
  • The integrated functions, auto test mode