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Dl9000 dso series
  • DL9000 models are available with 2.5 M points
  • waveform memory on each of four channels and with an "L" version containing 6.25 M points on each channel. In accumulate mode, the DL9000 overlays up to 2000 acquisitions
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Affordable Performance for 500 MHz/1 GHz /1.5 GHz BW Measurements

The standard DL9000 series is equipped with 2.5 M word/ch record length, dot density display technology and a wide variety of analysis and trigger functions. For full 1 GHz/1.5 GHz BW measurements, optional 2.5 GHz active probes are available. These make the DL9000 series the most affordable 500 MHz/1 GHz/1.5 GHz measurement system available today.

Tm Dl9000 02

                                         Advanced display technology                                Mask testing

(dot density display)                                                             

DL9000 Trigger types

DL9000 Trigger Types

History Memory with Fast Signal Acquisition

Fast signal acquisition helps you avoid missing anomalies. However, simple superimposed waveform displays only tell whether or not an anomaly occurred. Such displays do not provide information about when the anomaly occurred, what events occurred before the anomaly, nor what happened after the anomaly. The DL9000's History memory function allows you to view and analyze up to 2000 previously acquired waveforms, even after the acquisition stops. This offers unparalleled insight into waveform behavior and makes troubleshooting easier.

History memory advantage #1: Correlate events from multiple channels

Ex 1: Display shows superimposed history waveforms

Ex 1: Display shows superimposed history waveforms


  (Up to 2000 waveforms can be saved in history memory)

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