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Dlm2000 mso series
  • The DLM2000 is a bench-top oscilloscope for electronic design or debug. 
  • It's ergonomic and easy to use, and packed with features.
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Flexible inputs and flexible performance

Easy-to-Use & Easy-to-See

Easy to use. Portrait body + large screen makes display easy to see.

We elevated the large (8.4-inch) LCD screen up into the line of sight. Also, the portrait format saves space on the desk or test bench. A compact "personal oscilloscope" designed for easy viewing and ease of use.

DLM2000 Feature 17

Flexible MSO Input

Capture a mixed signals of analog and logic signalsDLM2000 Image 1

Four channels is not sufficient to view the functioning of digital control circuits. The DLM2000 series converts 4 ch of analog input to 8-bit logic, and functions as a 3 ch analog + 8-bit logic MSO (mixed signal oscilloscope).

3 ch analog + 8-bit logic



The performance of up to 11 inputs by converting to logic

Using logic input, up to 11 input signals can be observed simultaneously as 3 ch of analog and 8-bit logic. It is not only possible to use logic input for observation of data and control signals, or as a trigger source, but also for logic


input analysis of I


C and SPI serial busses.


DLM2000 Image 9 Fast data processing with ScopeCORE
With our proprietary ScopeCORE fast data processing IC, real time display is possible even signals of 11 inputs.
DLM2000 Image 3
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